New Requisition Query – M_REQ_PRE_ENCUMB_BALANCE

posted May 23, 2019, 12:12 PM by Barbara Thiss
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The new M_REQ_PRE_ENCUMB_BALANCE query identifies the Requisition ID and remaining line item balances for requisitions that have not been completely sourced into a Purchase Order and for which the Requisition Final Function has not been used during the sourcing process. The query results match the Add/Update Requisition screen.

This query can help identify balances throughout the year and especially at year end when all encumbrance balances must be cleared in order for districts to close their books.
  • Identifies the requisition and remaining line item balance
  • Includes inventory requisitions
  • Can be used in conjunction with FAR_ENCUMBRANCE_LEDGERS or M_ENCUMBRANCE_LEDGERS_SUM. These two queries aggregate balances by ChartString and provide no transaction details
NOTE: The query results match to the Add/Update Requisitions screen. If total outstanding pre-encumbrance balances do not match one of the existing encumbrance queries that totals by ChartString, then it is likely that a KK_NO_POST entry will need to be done to clear the balance. These discrepancies can be caused by cross-year issues when requisitions are created.

Query parameters

Query results