New Rapid Time Entry Spreadsheet helps make entering time easier and more accurate

posted Jan 30, 2018, 5:33 PM by Peyri Herrera

For Rapid Time users

The Customer Resource Center (CRC) has developed a new Rapid Time Entry Spreadsheet (SDCOE_Rapid_Time_Entry_Template.xlsm) for entering time instead of creating a Rapid Time Entry Spreadsheet from scratch. The time from the Rapid Time Entry Spreadsheet is what you copy and paste (Paste Values) into the Rapid Time Excel/CI Spreadsheet for uploading into Time & Labor.

The spreadsheet has built-in macros to help make entering time easier and more accurate, for example:
  • Enter the Session Number 1 time and it gets copied to all rows containing time entries.. 
  • Generates an error when the Date Under Report is prior to 1/1/2014, and a warning when it is more than 6 months prior to today’s date or greater than 1 month after today’s date. 
  • Converts the Time Reporting Code (TRC) to all uppercase and validates it. 
  • Generates an error when the Quantity and/or Override Rate does not meet threshold values. 
  • Adds leading zeros to the Combination Code when necessary. 
  • Ensures either an Empl Record or Position Number have been entered. 
  • Sorts the time entries in Empl ID, Empl Record and Date Under Report order. 
  • Calculates the Sequence Number. 
  • Marks critical errors in RED, warnings in YELLOW. 
HOW TO ACCESS THE FILE: The SDCOE_Rapid_Time_Entry_Template.xlsm is available for download from the Guides & Job Aids page in the “HCM - Excel/CI” section.

NOTE TO ORGANIZATIONS WHO USED A “PRE-RELEASE VERSION”: Several organizations received a pre-release version of the new Rapid Time Entry Spreadsheet. Although none of the spreadsheet’s core functionality has been changed the CRC recommends that you download the current version from the CRC website.