New “Power BI” CBO Dashboard available today, 01/22/19 – FOR CBOs

posted Jan 22, 2019, 1:15 PM by Peyri Herrera

The SDCOE Education Business Systems team in collaboration with our ITS team is pleased to announce the release of the Power Business Intelligence (BI) CBO Dashboard that provides Chief Business Officers the ability to quickly view district data to assist in making business decisions. The Power BI CBO Dashboard is an upgrade in functionality and replaces the SSRS version of the dashboard that went live in Production in November 2018. We collaborated with CBOs from 6 pilot districts to finalize requirements and obtained User Acceptance Testing signoff. They have been instrumental every step of the way to make it possible for us to release this Power BI CBO Dashboard for your use. We hope you will find this dashboard to be a powerful business tool to help make insightful decisions for your organization.

The Power BI CBO Dashboard contains both Finance and HCM data and has the following enhanced features:
  • New visuals: Display data comparisons and trends analysis 
  • Interactive: Data refreshes automatically and rapidly 
  • Department Budget Table and Encumbrance Data 
  • Purchase Order Data 
Directions are available: CBO Dashboard Guide v2.0.pdf (49 pp.).

Sample Finance Page
Sample FIN page

Sample HCM Page
Sample HCM page

If you are a CBO:
We have set up an account for CBOs for the Power BI CBO Dashboard. If you would like to use the CBO Dashboard (for both new and existing accounts), please submit a HEAT ticket requesting your user name and password, or call the SDCOE CRC at 800-289-1500.

If you are not a CBO and would like access:
CBOs may authorize another user at your organization to have access to the CBO Dashboard. Please submit a HEAT ticket; we will need the employee’s name, email address, and an indication of your authorization.

Helpful links:
If you have any questions about using the dashboard, please enter a HEAT ticket and indicate in the ticket that you are using the CBO Dashboard.