New PeopleSoft Warrant Remittance and FAR_AP_SUBLEDGER_PAYMENTS_ONLY query

posted Jan 30, 2015, 1:19 PM by
On Friday, November 7, 2014, the SDCOE CRC sent a communication titled the New PeopleSoft Warrant Remittance effective Friday, 11/07/14 (click to view images). The message contained information on the new format of the warrant remittance. Effective December 2014, the new PeopleSoft warrant format was implemented in PeopleSoft Finance. The new format is necessary to provide for overflow printing. Overflow happens when more vouchers than will fit on one page are paid on a single warrant. The “overflow” vouchers are listed on a second page.

SDCOE Financial Accounting created a query in PeopleSoft Finance called FAR_AP_SUBLEDGER_PAYMENTS_ONLY that can be run at any time to retrieve the information previously listed on the bottom one-third of the warrant remittance. The query will provide this information on-demand any time after the warrant has been issued. It can also be used to provide external auditors with all the required information regarding a warrant. The onscreen results are sorted by vendor name although the results can be exported into Excel and sorted as you wish. SDCOE has consulted with auditors in San Diego County and has confirmed the information made available on the warrant and the use of the query for providing backup is acceptable for auditing purposes.

Directions to run the query:
Log into the PeopleSoft Portal and launch Financials.
Navigate to Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.
Click HTML (for onscreen viewing) or Excel (to download). Enter relevant information into each of the parameters (each parameter field must be completed) then click View Results. Remember that on query parameters where you see a label followed by a percent sign (%), you may enter the percent sign as a wildcard to return all results. For example in this query if you want to pull all funds, enter % in the Fund field.