New HR query for AB 119: M_HR_UNION_EMPL_DATA

posted Dec 6, 2017, 10:18 AM by Peyri Herrera

A new Human Resources query is available: M_HR_UNION_EMPL_DATA - AB119 Employees by union code.

Query Description: Lists employee information for reporting to unions as required by AB 119 California New Employee Orientation Law. Review all the data field results and eliminate the fields your organization may not be required to report.

IMPORTANT! Instead of clicking HTML or Excel, click Schedule when running this query. Do not run this query during business hours; schedule it to run after hours unless you are filtering by Union Short Name for a reduced list. The query takes a long time to run due to the large volume of data fields included in the query results. For directions on scheduling a query, please refer to Scheduling PeopleSoft Queries and Reports
Query Viewer Schedule link

Special Instructions: Enter your 3-digit district # (Company) and effective date. The Union Short Name prompt defaults to %, which will return all values. If you would like to query one Union Short Name, enter it in the field.
AB119 Employees by union code prompt

Staged data (fictitious information) was used for the sample results.
AB119 Employees by union code results

AB119 Employees by union code results

AB119 Employees by union code results

Fields listed in query:
AB119 Employees by union code fields