New HCM queries available: M_BUDGET_ACTUALS (modified), M_POSITION_DATA_AND_DBT (new)

posted Apr 13, 2016, 1:51 PM by Peyri Herrera   [ updated Apr 13, 2016, 1:54 PM ]

From MITI: We have modified the HCM query called M_BUDGET_ACTUALS so you can look for inactive positions that still have encumbrances or pre-encumbrances. We have also developed a new HCM query called M_POSITION_DATA_AND_DBT to help you identify inactive positions with active DBTs. These are now available for your use.

This is an existing query that was updated. It lists encumbrances and pre-encumbrances by employee/position. This update allows you to use the M_BUDGET_ACTUALS query to find inactive positions with encumbrances or pre-encumbrances in HCM. 


The existing M_BUDGET_ACTUALS query was updated as follows:
  • Removed the employee name lookup which caused some records to NOT display when a position was vacant 
  • Added position information such as Effective Date, Effective Status, Description, Encumbrance Indicator, and FTE. 
  • Added position Effective Status prompt as selection criteria. 
This is a new query. Use this query to identify inactive positions with active DBTs (Department Budget Table). It lists positions and their DBT including the status of the position as well as the DBT. Filter the data in Excel to identify inactive positions with active DBT, and vice versa.

  • As a result of running this query, you may choose to inactive DBT entries with inactive positions. 
  • This query does not identify positions without a DBT. To identify positions without DBTs, use M_KK_POSNS_NO_DBT_2016.