New FAQs for HR, Payroll, and Benefits

posted Aug 19, 2016, 4:25 PM by Peyri Herrera   [ updated Aug 19, 2016, 4:26 PM ]
Here are some recent questions and issues submitted to the CRC. Names, IDs, and Position #s have been changed for security purposes. All FAQs are posted at


97966: Position 12345678, Empl Rec 0 Empl ID 123456 - Data entry audit says "inactive time reporter." When I checked it looks very active to me. Not sure why it shows on the error report?
The effective date on the Time Reporter Data screen should match the hire date of 8/16. Instead it had a date of 8/22. This mismatch will also trigger the data entry audit error because a later date will prevent your district from entering time for this employee prior to the 8/22. CRC needed to use Correct History to fix this.


97974: I have added to position 12345678 combo code 000555555 however when I enter time and need to use this combo code it does not find it in the search (today is 8/19/16), so may have it set up wrong.
Rows were entered on DBT with effective dates of 8/19 rather than 7/1/16. This will make the combo codes entered with the 8/19 effective date unavailable on the timesheet until on or after 8/19. Using Correct History, CRC corrected the effective dates on the rows that were entered incorrectly. The combo codes entered on this DBT are now all available on the timesheet.


97651: Trying to understand Job Data workflow for Payroll processing over the next 3 days. What are the cut off times? What happens if we enter Job Data after this time? (Ticket submitted 8/18/16, day of First Calc.)
The Monthly Payroll Processing in PeopleSoft job aid has details of timelines and queries to run during payroll processing. You can continue to add to Job Data, just know that it won’t be on the next day reports if you are entering after the 1st Calc deadline but will see after 2nd Calc. HCM is unavailable after 5:00 pm on the day Payroll is Finalized until the following day at a time when MITI makes it available.


96261: EMPID 123456 - New Hire. Benefit Participation is showing for another district.
Employee had Benefit Record Number issues. The employee has existing Empl Records in another district. When your district's HR added the Job Data row, they did not go to the Benefit Program Participation page and update the Benefit Record Number to your district number. They let the system default to the prior district’s Benefit Record Number, and when the job data was saved, it had the other district's number. Once the issue was identified, they then added in the Benefit Record Number, but it did not fully resolve the issue. When a Job Data row is saved with the other district’s benefit record number, the HIR event in On-Demand is permanently associated with that prior district’s Benefit Record Number. Once the benefit record is updated, the HIR event is orphaned. You (district) must add an ADM event to the BAS Activity table which follows the district's HIR event rules date logic.

97732: EID 123456: Benefits input in On-Demand but not reflected? Why?
Client input the benefits in On-Demand correctly, but was verifying the enrollments on the wrong screen. Navigated client to the "Enroll in Benefits" screens. These screens are used to show the employee's past, current and future enrollments. You must click the Include History button to see all enrollments. The "Current Benefit Summary" Screen only show enrollments as of now.