New FAQs for HR, DBT, and Benefits

posted Sep 16, 2016, 3:31 PM by Peyri Herrera
Here are some recent questions and issues submitted to the CRC. Names, IDs, and Position #s have been changed for security purposes. All FAQs are posted at


99939: I think I made a mistake with Employee 123456 Empl Record 4. He was a CERTIFICATED Teacher and terminated and came back as a CLASSIFIED Special Ed Assistant so I rehired him in his primary position. Can you look at this and see if it is okay?
The rule is that if the Empl Class is changing, it needs to be a separate Empl Record number. Since the Job you terminated this employee from on this Empl Record number was Certificated, you should not have rehired on this Empl Record number into a Classified position. Instead, you should have added an employment instance. In order to correct this, the rehire row should be deleted and you should add an employment instance. When you do add the employment instance, you should make it primary then go back and insert a row on the Empl Record that is no longer primary and change it to secondary with the same effective date as the hire. The CRC can delete the rehire rows when you are ready for us to do so.

101429: I have a report that I need to do (EEO-5 report) and I need Race/Ethnicity for all of our staff. Is there a report/query that gives me that information?
Here is the query for this: M_HR_EEO5_REPORT. More information is provided in this 9/14/16 announcement.


98416: When adding new position # in Department Budget Table for Position 12345678 received message “Highlighted fields are required, enter data into highlighted fields.” 
When a new Department is created, there are defaults that must be entered on the very first DBT created under that Department. Directions for this process will be included in the following version of the DBT guide. Until then, a HEAT ticket should be entered for assistance from the CRC in entering these defaults.

99177: If an additional pay is set up but the expense line is not set up on the DBT for that particular additional pay, will PeopleSoft expense the additional pay to suspense? Or will it default to the line(s) set up for Reg salary?
Additional Pays are extra earnings (non-base pay compensation). You must enter these on the DBT if you want them expensed differently than the salary. Otherwise they will follow earnings.

101391: Unable to enter time on any of our timesheets for any certificated substitutes. Examples: 123456-0, 234567-3, 345678-1 all for time worked in August using Position 12345678, beginning 8/22/16. Combo Code will not display but I can see the combo codes in the DBT. Combo code examples: 000001000, 000123456.
Someone was working in the previous FY DBT and entered an invalid date (a date in the current FY). This locks up DBTs for both FYs as the system cannot distinguish which one to pull from. The date was corrected by the CRC using correct history.


98557: 457 increase did not process (not even old amount processed) for ID #123456. Used the savings plan screen per guides. 403 option was not available in BAS Activity Table.
The employee’s 457 did not deduct because they have an override input for the month of August on the SDCOE Custom Deduction Override screen for the 457 deduction. Currently for this employee the 457 is scheduled not to deduct in July or August. If you would like to modify the deduction frequency, please update SDCOE Custom Deduction Override screen at Main Menu > SDCOE Custom > Payroll > Processes > Override Deductions (Employee)

98573: We have terminated and inactivated some employees. Do I need to do anything to terminate their benefits? Being just my second payroll in PeopleSoft, I’m unclear what else I need to do when terminating someone, if anything.
Yes, when an employee terminates, you need to terminate the benefits. It is a simple process highlighted in the benefits guide, section “Termination of benefits.” If a terminated employee receives additional pay post termination (retro pay or vacation payout), benefits and general deductions will attempt to process. A best practice is to terminate the benefits in On-Demand using the TER event that was system generated when HR adds the Termination row to job data. The voluntary benefits set-up on the general deduction table should be ended the last pay period in which you want them to process

97728: Lionel Richie 123456 Empl Rec 0 is a full time employee on benefits program 11T but after creating a BAS Activity and clicking Schedule/Prepare Activity in on Demand, no buttons activate. Please help.
Employee has job data issues. They are not full-time, the FTE is 0.2. The system will not allow you to override the benefit program. The system assesses the job data and will prepare the options according to what is in Job data. Moving forward do not manually adjust the Benefit Program in Job Data. That value is system generated by the Benefit Administration System. Once HR fixes the Job Data, On-Demand will prepare the correct benefit options for this employee.

97541: Empl ID 123456, Empl Record 1, Sheena Easton. This is a new hire. I noticed in some of the converted job data records from Legacy we can see the CalSTRS/CalPERS designation on the Benefit Program Participation link. I can’t see it on this new hire. We entered job data a day or so ago so but there is not such designation to see. When does the system prepopulate the Benefit Program Participation link with the retirement enrollment?
The PERS/STRS enrollments on the Benefit program participation screen is not system populated, it is manually input by SDCOE Retirement. The process for notifying the Retirement Unit of new hires that will have subject earnings and the forms submitted are the same as in Legacy. The Retirement Unit and the programmers are working to refining the nightly enrollment process, but it is not live yet in production.

97773: 123456 Houston, Whitney - Empl Record 3 Benefits Program Participation change from 64C to 64G Eff date needs to be 7/1/16. Msg: “Effective date/sequence must be greater than effective date/sequence of current record. (15,6).”
The Benefit Program Participation area in Job Data should not be manually updated. It is driven and populated based on what is processed through On-Demand. For this specific employee, the HIR events is prepared and ready for input in On-Demand. I can see from the show plans tab that it has prepared the correct benefit plan options according to the 64G benefit program. When the hire event is processed in On-Demand, elections entered and the event validated and finalized, the Benefit program participation area of job data will be updated with the benefit program 64G.

101561: EID 123456 - Cannot add adjustments on the payline for employee. Giving me other districts' benefit plans.
When the paysheet for this employee was created, the benefits had not been added yet. The employee was in the default benefit program, PSX, which is fine. Since you have now gone in and added the benefits, you will be able to add the plans on the payline after the 1st calc. After the paysheet is created, it does not communicate with the Job Data and Benefits info until after the 1st calc. You will need to update the payline accordingly on 9/20 and 9/21 (the September 2016 dates for 2nd calc and final calc).