New FAQs for HR and Time & Labor

posted Oct 14, 2016, 2:11 PM by Peyri Herrera
Here are some recent questions and issues submitted to the CRC. Names, IDs, and Position #s have been changed for security purposes. All FAQs are posted at

HR – New Hires & Job Data

103110: Hello, I have three questions regarding the entering of TB tests. 1. How do we account for student workers? They are exempt from TB requirements. Do we not enter anything in the TB fields? 2. How do we account for pos/neg TB tests? Once they have a chest x-ray they never need to repeat the process. Do we just give them a future date? 3. Is there a query for individuals who do not have a TB test and are active employees? Added 10/14/16.
1. Student workers - You can leave it blank. This is not a required field. If there is an existing TB date in the field, you can delete it or ignore any TB expiration notices.
2. Pos/Neg and Chest X-ray - Some districts believe once you have a chest x-ray, you never need a TB again. If your district follows this policy, you can put a future date like 01/01/2195 so they will never get an expiration notice. Other districts believe you must get rechecked every 4 years, regardless of a prior chest x-ray. If that is your district's policy, then enter the date every four years.
3. Query - M_HR_IMMUN_EXPIRE is the query that can be used to track TB data. Also, MITI developed a new query that shows all Immunizations including TB, BBP and HEP. It now also shows missing TBs. The query is called M_HR_IMMUNIZ_DIS.

HR – Position Management

102842: For Lisa Loeb #123456 Position #12345678 Empl Rec #0, I need to increase employee's pay grade to Grade 24. I entered the change on her position # for 7/18, but it still isn't showing in Job Data. Added 10/14/16.
Once updates are made to a position with active incumbents, the Job Data record of the employee(s) affected must be updated for changes to carry over from the position. Follow the procedure here to update the Job Data of position incumbents. This was part of the Payroll Boot Camp (see Slide 24) that was offered in September 2016. Steps:
1. On Employee’s Job Data, add a new row (+ sign).
2. Enter desired Effective Date (07/18/2016) and Effective Sequence (1).
3. Action: Position Change. Reason: Salary Administration Update.
4. Clear out the Position Number and enter any other Position (pick anything) and tab out to make the system “grab” a new Position. Then change it back and tab out. This should make the Job Data record bring in all information for that position. Doing this erases the salary step; this is why you must complete Step 5.
5. On the Salary Plan tab, enter the Step. Verify the Step Entry date.
6. Click the Default Pay Components button and then click the Calculate Compensation button.
7. Click Save to save the employee’s job record.

103531: I'm trying to create a new position by initializing (copying) from Position #12345678. When I try to save it, I'm getting an error that says: "Highlighted fields are required (15,30). Enter date into the highlighted fields"...but nothing is highlighted. Added 10/14/16.
On the Add/Update Position screen, the Education and Government area of the screen where the FTE is entered had not been "dropped down." This is why the error message appeared upon saving the record. To prevent this from happening in the future, please follow the "Helpful Tip" directions in the HR2 Position Management guide in the Add a Position from a Copy (Initialize Button) section for customizing the screen so that this area is always exposed when working on the Position Screen. The most current version of the HR2 guide is available at

Time & Labor

101512: I uploaded time into timesheets using Rapid Time. After running the payable time exceptions query [M_TL_EXCEPTIONS] it gave me an Invalid Combo Code error. Added 10/14/16.
This is either a Time and Labor or DBT issue. The Invalid Combo Code error on Rapid Time upload happens for one of two reasons.
1. The combo code used does not exist on the corresponding DBT for that position. If this is the case, the combo code must be added to the DBT to avoid the error and suspense after payroll runs; OR
2. The leading zeros were left off of the combo code when entered in the Rapid Time spreadsheet. If this is the case, the cells where combo codes are entered should be defined as text in order for it to retain the leading zeros.