M_PY_GENL_DEDN_DATA_3 Query removed from public view and archived

posted Aug 20, 2020, 2:01 PM by Barbara Thiss
The Genl Dedn Data Validation (M_PY_GENL_DEDN_DATA_3) query has been removed from Public view and archived. You can use the Genl Dedn Data Validation (M_PY_GENL_DEDN_DATA_2) query instead of the M_PY_GENL_DEDN_DATA_3 query. Both queries are essentially the same except the M_PY_GENL_DEDN_DATA_3 query only selects employees having a warrant name on file in the system. The M_PY_GENL_DEDN_DATA_2 query selects employees having a primary name. All employees in the system have a primary name defined. It is possible employees may be missing from the M_PY_GENL_DEDN_DATA_3 query results because not all employees have a warrant name defined in the system.

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