M_HR_SAL_GRADE_STEP_BY_EMPL query modified

posted Mar 27, 2015, 4:38 PM by vanessa.boyle@sdcoe.net
The M_HR_SAL_GRADE_STEP_BY_EMPL query was modified to include a prompt that now forces you to enter your district number (like 007, for example). This query returns the following fields: Company, Empl ID, Empl Record, Name (LN,FN), Job EffDt, Job Effseq, Pay Status, Position, Position Descr, Employee Type, Empl Class, Dept ID, Dept Descr, Location, Loc Descr, Full/Part, Stnd Hrs/Wk, FTE, Sal Plan, Grade, Step, Descr, Comp Rate, and Comp Freq.