M_BEN_DED_OVERRD_MISSING query to audit employees enrolled in benefits but do not have overrides entered

posted Aug 18, 2016, 11:41 AM by Peyri Herrera
There is a new HCM query called M_BEN_DED_OVERRD_MISSING - Missing Benefits on Ded Overr. The query returns employees’ benefit plans that are missing from the SDCOE Custom Override Deductions (Employee) screen. It includes Health, Life, Disability, FSA and Simple Benefits. Use this query to audit if employees are enrolled in benefits but do not have the corresponding overrides input.

  • The query does not take in the account deduction codes. 
  • This query does not audit General Deductions. It audits benefit deductions managed on the base benefit table, not deductions set up on the employee’s Create General Deduction screen. 
  • The query does not audit if an employee is missing one of the possible two overrides (EE & ER). If only one is listed, the employee will not appear on the report.