May 2018 How to Enter a Travel Authorization “Third Thursday Demo” available for playback

posted Jun 4, 2018, 1:23 PM by Peyri Herrera   [ updated Jun 4, 2018, 1:24 PM ]
For Lakeside and SDCOE employees who enter PeopleSoft travel authorizations

The recorded Third Thursday demo of How To Enter a Travel Authorization for SDCOE and Lakeside is now posted on the Third Thursday page. For your convenience, below are the links to the demo and presentation. During the demo we show (1) where to find the cheat sheet and full guide in the “TE1” section at, (2) how to enter a blank TA, and (3) how data entry is different as a result of the May 7 PeopleSoft Upgrade.

How To Enter a Travel Authorization for SDCOE and Lakeside
Demo (31 min) | PowerPoint Slides


1. Will TAs that were in the system before May 7 transfer over to look like the new format?

2. Employees previously must put certain things in the Comment box for A/P. Do we still need to do this?
Yes, per Natalie Schuff (SDCOE) and Keri Wutzke/Lisa Waller (Lakeside), please put “comments” information in the Description field on the first line item. See Slide 2 of PowerPoint Slides for what’s different after the May 7 upgrade

3. How many characters are available in the non preferred merchant field?
The Non-Preferred Merchant = 40 characters
The Description (top of screen) = 30 characters
See Slide 3 of PowerPoint Slides

4. I have a Quick Start but not an Actions drop down list. How do I access the Actions drop down list? I have previously cleared cache.
Quick Start is when you first create a TA. Once you enter expense type it will change to the Actions menu.

5. Can employees still enter the budget line using the gray arrow Accounting Details below the Expense Type field?
Yes, you can use the Accounting Details section by the grey triangle if you want. However, the recommendation is to use the Actions menu (top-right of screen) to set the Default Accounting for the entire TA rather than re-keying the Chartfield on each line.

6. Do employees use the ESS to create a TA now or do we still use the Financial tab?
If you have access to PeopleSoft Portal where you can log into Finance, you can create the TA there, if desired. Not everyone has access to this navigation so we are using ESS where all employees can access.

For questions about PeopleSoft TAs, please continue to work with your department or district’s PeopleSoft points of contact. They will then enter a HEAT ticket with the CRC if they need further assistance.