Maximum of ‘300’ hours per day for the Hourly (HRLY) Time Reporting Code on the Timesheet effective 05/01/18

posted Apr 16, 2018, 11:55 AM by Peyri Herrera
Recently we have observed key punch errors on the Timesheet such as entering the combo code and/or accidentally entering more zeroes than intended in the Quantity Field. If these errors go unnoticed during audits, they cause either the time not to be paid to the employees or overpayment to the employees due to excessive quantity. In an effort to help districts to catch these entry errors from processing into payable time, we have established a maximum of ‘300’ hours per day for the Hourly (HRLY) Time Reporting Code. This update will help catch keypunch mistakes early and allow for an immediate fix of the entry. This maximum will be effective Tuesday, May 1, 2018 and will not impact previous entries.

When submitting an entry over 300, the system will yield an error message and not allow submission of the entry until resolved. Previously the HRLY TRC would yield a low level exception or soft warning, which if ignored would still process the entry into payable time causing paycheck issues if the error is not discovered during audits.


We would like to point out several audit queries at your disposal that we recommend to be run to catch these type of errors.
  • M_PY_EXCESS_GROSS_PAY: Audits paychecks for gross pay over a prompted value.

  • M_TL_PAYABLE_TIME_AUDIT: Audits timesheet for approved values which have processed into payable time.

  • M_TL_REPORTED_TIME_AUDIT: Audits values reported on the timesheet.

Rapid Time Entry Spreadsheet

ACTION: If you use Rapid Time, please download the latest version of the Rapid Time Entry spreadsheet at The TRC tab on the Rapid Time Entry spreadsheet (SDCOE_Rapid_Time_Entry_Template.xlsm) has been updated with changes made to the Hourly (HRLY) Time Reporting Code (TRC).

For assistance or questions, please submit a HEAT Self-Service ticket at