June terminated employees for Group 4

posted Jul 13, 2016, 11:30 AM by Peyri Herrera
For Group 4 districts and charter schools

This message was originally sent from Laura Vaca to Group 4 on 7/13/16 at 8:47 am; this is a resend. 

From Laura Vaca, MITI Payroll Lead: For employees who were terminated in June but a termination date was not entered in Legacy prior to conversion date June 21, 2016, the MITI Team will be entering those termination dates in PeopleSoft. In order to make the payroll deadline for next week, we need the following list from your organization by the end of business today, July 13, 2016. Please provide in an Excel spreadsheet using the following headers: Employee ID, Employee Name, Position Number, Termination Date, Termination Reason, Benefits Termination Date (if needed), Additional Pay Earnings Code (if needed), General Deductions (if needed).

NOTE: If the employee is eligible for benefits for an additional two months, please enter Term-June Termination as the termination reason.

Please contact Laura Vaca (laura.vaca@sdcoe.net) if you have any questions.