July 2015 Payroll update from MITI – PLEASE READ

posted Jul 23, 2015, 9:52 AM by vanessa.boyle@sdcoe.net
From MITI: The MITI team has run another Pre Calc. You should see the following fixes:
  • There should be no 10 month employees getting their regular pay. 
  • Exception Hourly employees are no longer receiving their standard hours. 
  • Deductions for employees with Regular Salary have been corrected. 
  • Refunds given to former docks. 

The Team is still working on:
  1. Applying the maximum contribution to CSEA dues; 
  2. Incorrect deductions being taken for employees being paid in the P paygroup instead of their Regular M paygroup; 
  3. Consolidating multiple checks for employees who are not working in their primary pay group. 
Please begin re-auditing employees regular pay.

We will keep you informed as further issues are solved. We will need to do another PreCalc prior to the Final Calc.

Thank you for your patience.