Job Data Sample Setups Guide now available

posted Apr 23, 2018, 4:20 PM by Peyri Herrera

Job Data Sample Setups Guide v1.0.pdf is now available. This guide contains sample set-ups for the most common employee types in PeopleSoft. Based on user feedback from the Third Thursday Demo, we are making some additions to the guide and will post v1.1 in the near future. Please look for updated versions on the Guides & Job Aids page in the “HR - Other” section.

Reasons to use this guide:
  • For Training Purposes 
    • To get the “CliffsNotes” version of the HR3 guide. IMPORTANT: Remember that this is to supplement the HR3 guide, not replace it. 
    • To cross-train and instruct others with it; or, if Job Data is not your primary responsibility, use it to understand which fields are required. 
  • For Checking Your Work 
    • To confirm employees are set up correctly. 
  • For Troubleshooting 
    • To investigate errors that show on reports (Pay Calc Error Report, Data Entry Audit Report). 
    • To perform troubleshooting before you submit a HEAT ticket. 
NOTE: Even if you are not in HR and/or do not enter information in Job Data, you might find this guide useful for understanding how Job Data fields impact other areas of HCM (Benefits, Time & Labor, Absence Management, Payroll, etc.).

Suggested activities:
  1. For each employee type in the guide, identify an employee who has been paid correctly.

  2. Using the employees found in #1, fill in your own values throughout the guide. Examples: Make notes next to fields, include sample values, cross out items your district doesn’t use, circle things your district does use.

  3. Print the checklists for each employee type as your “quick reference” to keep at your desk.

  4. Run the Data Entry Audit Query then use this guide to review setups.