Issuing an Off-cycle warrant for a warrant that is being canceled on that same Off-Cycle

posted Jun 11, 2015, 2:01 PM by Peyri Herrera
If you are issuing an Off-cycle warrant for a warrant that is being canceled on that same Off-Cycle, time entered on the Timesheet will be rejected and not loaded to Payroll. Instead, enter the time on the Paysheet and then add paid time on the Adjust Paid Time screen for accurate accounting of time worked for Longevity and the ACA.

Using the Adjust Paid Time screen:
You can add the time paid from the Paysheet using the Adjust Paid Time screen. This type of adjustment is called a Record Only Adjustment and is for record keeping purposes only. The time you add or adjust is not processed by Time & Labor nor is the time sent to Payroll.
  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Time and Labor > Report Time > Adjust Paid Time.
  2. Search for and select the employee who needs to have his/her paid time adjusted.
  3. Date Range: Enter a date range for the date of the time worked that needs to be adjusted. For example, Margarita needs to have her 2 hours of hourly time from 3/2/2015 adjusted.
  4. Enter the Payable Time Details.

    Payable Time Details
    Date: Select the date you want to adjust for the time that was paid. Example: 3/2/15
    Time Reporting Code: Select the appropriate TRC. Example: HRLY - Hourly
    Quantity: Enter the quantity of adjusted time. Example: 2 hours
    Accounting Date: Enter the Accounting Date equal to the pay period ending date associated with the date the time was paid. Example: 3/31/15
    Taskgroup: Select the Taskgroup for the time you want to adjust. You can use the default value loaded for the employee. Example: POSPAY

  5. Click the Task Reporting Elements tab and select a Combination Code.
    Task Reporting Elements Tab

  6. Click Save.