Inventory Count Questions

posted Jun 8, 2016, 5:03 PM by Peyri Herrera
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Below are questions from the PeopleSoft Inventory Count and Reconciliation Webinar on May 31, 2016. Please refer to IN2 Inventory Count and Reconciliation Guide v1.0.pdf for steps. 

1. Why do you recommend a non-blind count? Doesn't that “encourage” errors by giving warehouse staff the expected value?
If you do a blind count you will have to enter ALL VALUES. The recommendation is to reduce data entry by doing a "non blind count" and covering up the values on the report.

2. So on a non-blind count you enter the full quantity you counted if different from what you should have?
Yes, on the non-blind count you only enter what's different. For the blind you'd have to enter ALL VALUES (even if they are the same).

3. If you have less do you enter a negative # for the variance or do you enter your full quantity counted?
You will enter the full quantity you counted. See "Enter Count" directions on p.12.

4. Is there any quick way of getting from one item number to another or do you need to tab through?
You can use the Search button instead of using the forward/back arrow.

5. How far in advanced should we call the CRC to freeze inventory?
It's a quick checkbox setting. You should call us or create the ticket when you are ready to freeze.

6. Do we have to call CRC to unfreeze inventory before running Current Inventory Value and Inventory Value History reports?

7. In the guide it recommends to run stock value BEFORE inventory counts. So do we run value report and then ask you to freeze inventory?
Yes. This way you will know what you have before and after you made the changes.

8. When entering counts will it save it if you move to the next item with the forward arrow?
The information will not go away if you forward to the next item without saving, HOWEVER you must hit save to save the changes. The recommendation is to save often as you go.

9. Why is there a “reserved” quantity?
The Reserved Qty shows you what would be reserved as you put a freeze on the item or the full inventory being held for the order. That means you haven't done the full clean up.

10. Does “needs reconciliation” ever have to be checked?
The system will automatically change Needs Reconciliation any time you make an adjustment - you do not need to check it manually.

11. So qty reserved should be “0” for all items if you do the process correctly?
Yes, correct.

12. Can you explain “base” qty vs “on-hand” qty?
Onhand = Total Qty. Base should be whatever the change is. 6090 is the onhand, “-2” is the adjustment.

13. What steps do Accounting staff perform for Inventory Cost Accounting?
Accounting staff should follow Part III of IN2 Inventory Count and Reconciliation Guide v1.0.pdf. Part III is titled Cost Accounting. Topics include: (1) Run the CM Query, (2) Edit Unposted Accounting Lines, (3) Item Cost, (4) Current Inventory Value, and (5) Inventory Value History.

14. Which roles can run the CM query?
The M_KK_INQUIRY role and M_INV_COST_ACCOUNTING roles can access the CM query.