How to get started with PeopleSoft Human Resources (HR)

posted Dec 20, 2016, 9:36 AM by Peyri Herrera
Are you new to PeopleSoft Human Resources? Here are some suggestions from the SDCOE CRC on how to get started.


1. INTRODUCTION TO PEOPLESOFT. Read Introduction to PeopleSoft Guide v2.0.pdf and watch the Intro to PeopleSoft Third Thursday Demo (1 hr) from June 2015. These resources will provide you with the “basics” of PeopleSoft: rules of thumb, terminology, logging in, navigation, performing searches, understanding effective dates, running reports, personalizing PeopleSoft, and clearing your browser cache.

2 HR GUIDES. Read the HR guides, as appropriate.
  • HR1 Salary Administration Guide v5.0.pdf - Describes how to view, update, and add salary administration plans, salary grades, and steps.
  • HR2 Position Management Guide v5.0.pdf - Explains how to view an existing position, create a new position from scratch and from a copy, and update a position. Explains how to update Job Data if position changes do not automatically flow through to the incumbent.

  • HR3 New Hires and Job Data Guide v5.0.pdf - Covers how to add a new hire, assign a work schedule, enter Multiple Components of Pay (MCOPs), add warrant names, add emergency contacts, create notes on a job data record, add additional jobs (employment instance), transfer, enter terminations, enter immunizations, maintain personal information and job data, and run reports.

  • HR5 Department Budget Table Guide v5.0.pdf - Explains how to enter the Department Budget Table data on a new position (budgets called combination codes for earnings, deductions and taxes), make modifications to DBT data for an existing position, run queries, and view encumbrance definitions. 
3. TRAINING ACTIVITY SHEETS. Review training activities. For each guide, there are corresponding activity sheets at that you can download and review.

4. VIDEOS. Watch these videos, as appropriate:
5. DEMOS. Watch these Third Thursday Demos, as appropriate:

NOTE: As guides are updated, they are posted at