How much did my district spend by category code?

posted Apr 24, 2014, 3:00 PM by Peyri Herrera
There are now two new queries available that show how much your district spent by category code.

  • M_PO_CATEGORY_SPEND_DT – District Spend by Date: Run this to see all category codes with the code, code description, and amount spent.
  • M_PO_CATEGORY_SPEND_DT_DETAIL – District Spend by Date detail: Run this to see category code, description, PO number, the line description from the PO, the line object number from the PO, and the amount spent. This query will be useful to audit how category codes are being used.  For example if you see Category Code 14110000 Paper production being used to purchase a computer from object 4100000, you know that you have a few issues you may want to investigate. 
Both queries require the Business Unit.  When signed in as a business unit user, you only have access to your own business unit, and using % in the business unit field is not available.

District Spend by Date

District Spend by Date Detail