HCM Query Manager access has been expanded to include more HCM tables and views

posted Nov 19, 2020, 1:04 PM by Rhonda Caldwell
We have good news for HCM users with Query Manager access and a “Q” login ID. We are pleased to inform you that the Query Manager role M_QUERY_MANAGER_DISTRICT has been expanded to include access to the following HCM tables and views:

DIVERS_ETHNI_VW - Divers Ethnicity
M_CRED_ALL_V2 - BL Authorizations View
M_CRED_BL_V2 - BL Authorizations View
M_CRED_EA_V2 - Embedded Authorizations
M_CRED_EL_V2 - EL Authorizations View
M_CRED_NEW_VW - Credentials View
M_DOC_AUTH_V2 - Cred Doc Authorizations
M_DOC_MAJOR_V2 - Cred Doc Majors View
M_DOC_MINOR_V2 - Cred Doc Minors View
M_DOC_REN_V2 - Cred Document Renewals
M_EMERG_CNTCT_V - EE Emergency Contacts w/Future
M_FUTURE_JOB_VW - EE Job History
M_FUTUR_NAMES_V - Person Names w/Future EEs
M_PERS_DATA_FUT - Personal Data w/Future Rows
M_PERS_EMAIL_VW - Email Addresses w/Future Rows
M_PERS_FUTURE_V - Personal Data w/Future Rows
M_PERS_FUTUR_V2 - Pers Data w/Future Rows no POI
M_PERS_PHONE_VW - Person Phone Numbers w/Future
M_POS_SRCH_QRY - Position Srch w/Future Posn
M_TEMP_CRED_VW - Temporary Credentials
M_TEMP_MAJ_VW - Temp Cred Doc Majors
M_TEMP_MIN_VW - Temp Cred Doc Minors
M_TL_EXCEPTN_VW - T&L Exception
M_UNSL_SBJ_VW - Unusual Subject Codes
POSITION_VW3 – Position Data view
TL_EXCEPT_DEFN – Position Data view
M_CRED_CODE_TBL - Credential Titles
M_SBJ_MAJ_TBL - Subject Majors
M_SBJ_MIN_TBL - Supplementary Authorizations

The HCM Query Manager Guide will be updated with the additional table and view information in the next version update. Another announcement will be sent to let you know when the next version of this guide is available.

If you have any questions, please contact PeopleSoft Support by submitting a Service Portal Ticket.