Guidelines for Processing Benefits during Payroll Calculation Days

posted Oct 13, 2017, 4:24 PM by Barbara Thiss
Based on communication from districts inquiring why an employee did not receive a paycheck, our research has shown that a common cause for a good number of these questions is the result of processing benefits transactions that were incomplete or incorrect. These transactions include processing events, not terminating relevant benefits, making benefits payline adjustments and if applicable, café cash changes.
  • To ensure that an employee receives a paycheck, it is highly recommended that benefits transactions are processed before the payroll calculation nights to allow sufficient time to view benefit-related calculation error messages. 
  • However, if there is a need to process benefits transactions during payroll calculation, complete them before the first and second night calculations so that payroll calculation error messages can be viewed the next day. 
Any benefit-related error messages from payroll calculation will stop the employee’s paycheck from being processed. It is critical that both Payroll and Benefits departments run the following Payroll Error query to identify employees at risk of not receiving a paycheck and addressing those errors prior to the final payroll calculation.

M_PY_CALC_ERROR_MSGS_BY_DIST – schedule or run this query after each payroll calculation to return employees with any payroll errors.

Payroll Error Messages – List of all payroll errors and their descriptions on the CRC website