Guidelines for identifying Ineligible absence events

posted Oct 20, 2017, 9:38 AM by Peyri Herrera
The purpose of this announcement is to help you identify absence events that have a current forecast value of Ineligible that were previously Eligible.

To identify ineligible absence events, run the M_AM_ABSENCE_EVENT_STATUS - List Ineligible Absences query. This query has a company and date prompt. For more information about this query, please refer to p.12 of the HCM Query Reference Guide.

Why might some absence events that were previously Eligible now be Ineligible?
If an employee enters a future absence event that is Eligible and approved then subsequently enters another absence event with a begin date prior to the future-dated absence event(s) this can reduce the balance to a value that is lower than the number of hours required by the future event. This makes the previously Eligible future-dated event become Ineligible.

  • An employee has a vacation balance of 12.0 hours and requests 8.0 hours of vacation on 12/23. 
  • The event is forecasted as Eligible and approved. 
  • The employee decides to take 8.0 hours of vacation on 10/31. The event is forecasted as Eligible and approved. 
  • The vacation on 10/31 leaves a remaining vacation balance of 4.0 hours. This results in the 8.0 hour vacation on 12/23 as Ineligible since the employee now only has 4.0 hours of vacation available. 
If you have any questions please submit a HEAT Self-Service ticket.