GL_Journal Entries in Period 998

posted Jul 23, 2014, 11:27 AM by Peyri Herrera
For Preliminary districts.

When posting Year-End Adjustments and Reversing Journal Entries in Period 998, two issues have been reported to the CRC. The descriptions and solutions are provided below.

Issue #1: Transactions are posting to 2015. 
Description: On the Lines tab there is a Budget Date when the Lines panel is scrolled to the right that will initially match the journal date that was entered on the Add a New Value tab of the Create/Update Journal Entries. This date must be reset to 06/30/2014.
Solution #1: If the journal has not been posted change the Budget Date to 6/30/14 on all lines.
Budget Date

Solution #2: If journal has been posted, reverse using the Copy feature with reverse signs. Then use the Copy process to create the new journal and change the Budget Date to 6/30/14 on all lines.

When entering a GL_Journal for the adjustment period, change the budget date before you add additional lines and this new date will copy down to all lines added.

Issue #2: ADB date is creating an error.
Description: When selecting Reversal: “Beginning of Next Period” the date is 7/1/14. If the journal is dated after this it creates the error when trying to post the journal.

Solution: Select “Next Day” so the reversal will happen after the journal is created.
Next Day