Getting help with combo codes

posted Apr 4, 2014, 12:06 PM by Peyri Herrera
The CRC has a dedicated CherryRoad team member, Jason Gill, who is here to help you with edits and changes related to combo codes.
If you need to add combo codes to the list that is available on the Timesheet for an employee in order to assign hours to particular combo codes ad hoc, contact the CRC and request assistance so Jason and an analyst can walk you through the process of attaching those combo codes to the position. This is done on the Department Budget Table under Commitment Accounting. If the hours should be distributed against the employee’s default ChartString, you can leave the Combo Code field blank. You only need to explicitly assign a code on the Timesheet if the hours need to be distributed against a different ChartString (funding source). IMPORTANT! Before you call, please have the valid combo codes you need to use on the Timesheet and the budgeted amount for each available.

If you need to set up recurring distribution of a percentage of earnings to multiple combo codes, contact the CRC. This is done on the Job Earnings Distribution page of the individual employee after the codes have been set up for the position. If benefit costs and taxes are also to be distributed on a recurring basis, additional steps are required on the Department Budget Table for the position. The CRC, with Jason’s assistance, can walk you through this process if needed.

If you need a new combo code created (new salary budget), navigate to Enter Budget Journals and create a budget journal. For step-by-step directions, please refer to Creating a Budget Journal in Budget Monitoring v1.1.pdf. Always select KK_DETAIL when adding an original budget or adjusting an existing budget for expenses. Remember, you will have to budget the salary and benefit lines. If you don’t know the benefit costs when creating the budget journal, that’s fine—just enter the ChartStrings with $0 so it goes over to HCM. After the status says Posted, wait for the overnight process that will assign the GL Combination Code.
To contact the CRC, please call (800) 289-1500 and press “3” for HCM.