Getting data from BPS into PeopleSoft

posted Mar 11, 2016, 4:16 PM by Peyri Herrera
If your district creates a budget using BPS, below are directions on how to load the budget into PeopleSoft.


The BPS Export Data to Disk creates the PAY.DAT and NONPAY.DAT files, according to what is selected when the process is run. Select Payroll Accounts to create the PAY.DAT, Non Salary Accounts to create the NONPAY.DAT, and All Accounts to create both DAT files.

If you create a PAY.dat file and save it to your computer, the file can be opened using Notepad, and this is what you’ll see:

The BPS FILE LAYOUT PAY&NONPAY.pdf contains the file layout for the DAT file. Using the first account number in the PAY.DAT file, the account numbers are read as follows:

After running the Export Data to Disk, and creating the DAT files, convert the DAT file into Excel by using the Text Import Wizard that is available in Excel. After converting the DAT file into Excel, you can filter the various columns and convert the values from FIS to PeopleSoft. This will include changing funds 03-00 and 06-00 to 0100, converting the resource and objects into a single field (R0000-100 into 0000100), and converting any other objects that you may have crosswalked. After values are converted into PeopleSoft values, these ChartField values can be entered into the Budget Upload Journal to upload into PS Finance. The Budget Upload Journal can be found on the CRC website at in the Budget Monitoring - Other folder. Look for the spreadsheet named BudgetJournalTemplate.xlsx. For a direct download of the Excel file, click here.