FOR PAYROLL: In preparation for the Final Calc, please run your audit queries and reports to ensure data integrity and, most importantly, that all your employees get paid

posted Apr 16, 2018, 11:54 AM by Peyri Herrera
Here is a list of queries to assist in your audit:
  1. M_PY_CALC_ERROR_MSGS_BY_DIST. This query reflects all employees that had errors generated during the pre-calc process. This query should be run the day of the second pre-calc and day of the final calc. These errors need to be resolved to ensure that your employees get paid. Here is a link to the job aid to resolve these issues: Payroll Error Messages (.xls). Once the Excel file opens, enable editing for cleaner format of the document. Refer to Pay Calc Error Message Clean Up Tips (18 slides) for screenshots and details.

  2. M_DATAENTRY_AUDIT. This query identifies missing records, invalid data combinations, or inaccurate data. All errors identified by this query should be corrected prior to the final calc. Here is a link to the job aid to resolve these issues: Data Entry Audit Error Messages v1.1.pdf.

  3. M_TL_PAYABLE_TIME_AUDIT. This query audits payable time and checks the status of time that is going to be loaded to payroll.

  4. M_HR_MORE_PRIMARY_JOB_FLAG. This query returns employees that have more than one primary job in your organization. 

The queries above and also other suggested audit queries can be found in Monthly Payroll Queries and Reports v3.0.pdf.