Finance grid personalizations reset to system default

posted Jan 8, 2018, 2:37 PM by Peyri Herrera
In certain areas of PeopleSoft you will notice that the fields are arranged in a grid with columns. You can customize the way you enter data in these fields. To do this, you click the Personalize link located directly above a grid. These are referred to as “grid personalizations.”
Grid personalizations

Grid personalizations are often seen in Finance to rearrange the order of ChartFields on data entry screens.

With the implementation of the Project Costing module, some grid personalizations were reset to the system default values where the grid contains ChartFields. For example, if you had a grid personalization on the ePro Express Item Entry screen arranging the ChartFields in a particular order, that personalization may have been reset to default. In HCM, if you had a grid personalization on the DBT which does not include the ChartFields then your personalization most likely did not reset.

ACTION: In Finance you will need to review and add your personalizations if you notice any that have been reset. For guidance, please refer to “Personalize Columns (Grids)” on pp.33-34 of Introduction to PeopleSoft Guide v2.0 (PDF).