Federal Employee Tax Data Update

posted Sep 30, 2020, 11:21 AM by Barbara Thiss
On August 24, 2020, we shared an announcement with you on the Federal Employee Tax Data fix. We have since learned that when employees are rehired or hired into a new Empl Rec without an active Job record, a new Single/0 Federal Tax Data row is inserted on the Update Employee Tax Data screen.

In order to prevent a new Federal Tax data row from generating, the employee being updated must have an active Job record before the new assignment is added.

Example: A district terminated an employee in all of their positions. A few minutes after all positions were terminated, the district added a new Empl Rec. Since there was a short gap of time where all Empl Records were terminated and the new Empl Rec added, the system treated the new position as New Hire and inserted the S/0 Fed Tax Data row.

Action: It is highly recommended that all Federal Employee Tax Data records for employees rehired or hired into a new Empl Rec since 02/27/20, be reviewed and updated if necessary. The following query will help you identify the impacted employees M_PY_FED_STATE_TAX_DATA.

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