Encumbrances have been updated in PeopleSoft Finance for the October 31, 2016 payroll – IMPORTANT! PLEASE REVIEW

posted Nov 1, 2016, 3:29 PM by Peyri Herrera
For organizations on PeopleSoft HCM, the MITI team has been working to provide the best payroll encumbrance data possible. This month an update went into Production that fixed some large dollar amount issues and the team is still working to improve encumbrances by continuing to refine the process. Detailed below are items that have been updated with the new programming and some items that we continue to refine.

What was fixed:
  1. Positions where retirement, workers’ compensation, health and welfare, and some other labor related costs (LRC) encumbrances were significantly higher than expected has been resolved.

  2. Exception hourly positions with 0.0 FTE now have LRCs such as retirement, W/C, and H&W encumbering using percentages on the Encumbrance Definition rather than amounts.

  3. Suspense combo codes have been removed from the encumbrance definition so district will not have encumbrances for suspense. Positions with charges that go to suspense on the PEDR will not have the correct encumbrance for that line because suspense is now excluded from the encumbrance definition. For example if the PEDR shows that the workers’ compensation for a position went to suspense, then there will not be an encumbrance for workers’ compensation for that position.
Items still being worked on: 
  1. Taxes (OASDI, Medicare, and unemployment) are encumbered for REG earnings but DON’T include the taxes related to additional pay such as CFC, XAR, other normal monthly earnings (NME). This only applies to taxes. Other LRCs such as retirement, W/C, and H&W are appropriately encumbered.

  2. Taxes (OASDI, Medicare, and unemployment) for exception hourly positions are not encumbered unless the employee in the position also has additional pay such as CFC, XAR, or other normal monthly earnings (NME). Exception hourly positions do have encumbrances for other LRCs such as retirement, W/C, and H&W.

  3. There are cases where monthly positions do not have an October entry on the Encumbrance Definition for taxes (OASDI, Medicare, and unemployment). The majority of these are employees that have had an adjustment on their pay sheet causing the system to think their REG earnings are a one-time adjustment and not their normal monthly pay. For these positions the MITI team will send the district a list of positions. For these position, other LRCs such as retirement, W/C, and H&W are encumbered. 
Please continue to enter a HEAT ticket when you feel there is something wrong with your district’s payroll encumbrances. The MITI team continues to work on the issues listed above to provide accurate information.