Do not create $0 or 0 quantity line items for assets on vouchers

posted May 25, 2016, 4:41 PM by Peyri Herrera
For districts that use PeopleSoft Financial Asset Management or are considering implementing it in the future

Please do not mark any $0.00 or 0 quantity distribution lines on a voucher as an asset. Vouchers that have $0.00 or 0 quantity distribution lines marked as assets cause the process that moves AP information into Asset Management in Financial Asset Management to run to “No Success.”

  • A district created a PO and receipt for an asset. 
  • When it went to AP for voucher, they created a second distribution line for 1 quantity at $0.00. 
    • Line 1 – They paid for the asset (line marked as an asset). 
    • Line 2 – They entered 1 quantity at $0.00 (line marked as an asset). 
  • The $0 line caused the job that moves AP info to FAM to run to “No Success”. The district should have deleted distribution Line 2 from the voucher, or should not have marked it as an asset.