DNP16 (10/12 Pay) separate checks in July and August 2017 & how to identify the DNP paysheet

posted Jul 17, 2017, 2:38 PM by Peyri Herrera
REMINDER: Active employees - DNP will be released in July and August as a separate payment. For more information, please refer to Delayed Net Pay (DNP) is now a separate payment sent on July 7, 2017.

REMINDER: Do not make any changes to the DNP paysheet. If you need to make a pay or deduction adjustment to an employee, create a paysheet and add the adjustments to the new paysheet or look to see if another paysheet exists (other than DNP) to make your adjustments.

How to identify the DNP paysheet:

The DNP will be one paysheet with 2 paylines. Line #1 will be blank with OK to Pay not checked:

Payline tab (2 of 2)
You can identify the DNP paysheet by the second page of the payline (#2 of #2):
  • Separate Check = 1
  • OK to Pay = On (checked)
  • Reason = Deferred Net Pay Refund 

One-Time Deductions tab
The One-Time Deductions tab will display the DNP refund transaction:
  • OK to Pay = On (checked) 
  • Subsets are set to None 
  • Separate Check for the DNP identified with “1” 
  • Reason = Deferred Net Pay Refund 
  • Deduction Code = DNP16 
  • One-Time Code = Refund 
  • Flat/Addl Amount = Refund amount (example 4,776.68)
  • Calculation Routine = Flat Amount