DNP16 (10/12) balances will be released July and August 2017

posted Jul 13, 2017, 3:48 PM by Peyri Herrera
The DNP16 (10/12) balances will be released during July and August months, half of the balance in July and half of the balance in August. DNP stands for Delayed Net Pay.

Terminated Employees: As a reminder, if you have an employee who has terminated, the DNP16 will not automatically release the funds. To release the funds please follow these steps. For complete instructions, please refer “Payroll – Terminating Additional Pay and Deductions” on p.27 of PR1 Payroll Guide v4.0.pdf.
  • Create a paysheet and click OK to Pay. Make sure the begin and end dates match the Job dates. 
  • Add a one-time deduction adjustment to Plan Type 00 (General Deduction) with Deduction Code DNP16 with a one-time code of “Refund.” Enter the amount as a positive amount. 
  • The DNP balances can be found using the M_PY_DNP_BALANCE_DIST query. Audit the balance against any Balance Adjustments that may have been made. 
  • Please ensure that Benefit Deduction Taken and General Deductions Taken are both set to “NONE” for this one-time deduction adjustment for terminated employees. 
You may elect to disburse the entire balance at once or do two disbursements (over two months). This is a district decision.