District to do their own Year End Purchase Order (PO) Rollover

posted Apr 23, 2020, 12:21 PM by Barbara Thiss
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Since we are all working remotely and are practicing social distancing, the PO Rollover process will be done as webinars. This session will be recorded.

The Purchase Order (PO) Rollover process that is done in July is normally run by Financial Accounting Department here at SDCOE. We did a successful pilot last year where 5 districts tested the PO Rollover process. This year we are rolling this out to all districts so they can do their own PO Rollover process.

Districts that roll Purchase Orders are REQUIRED to either attend the webinar or review the recording
after it is posted to learn what needs to be done to do the process at the district level.

PO Rollover training (POROL)

Registration: Zoom meeting for PO Rollover Process

PO Rollover Process

For troubleshooting issues you may encounter in the year end closing process, please submit a Service Portal Ticket.