District to do their own year end Purchase Order (PO) Rollover

posted Feb 12, 2020, 2:13 PM by Barbara Thiss
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The Purchase Order (PO) Rollover process that is done in July is normally run by Financial Accounting Department here at SDCOE. We did a successful pilot last year where 5 districts tested the PO Rollover process. This year we are rolling this out to all districts so they can do their own PO Rollover process. 

Districts that roll Purchase Orders are REQUIRED to attend one of 2 training sessions to learn what needs to be done to do the process at the district level.

Registration: To register, use Go Sign Me Up at https://sdcoe.gosignmeup.com. Filter by Finance > Workshops. For assistance with GSMU, please contact Lori Free-Trout at lfreetrout@sdcoe.net.

PO Rollover training (POROL)





Class Size

PO Rollover Process Training

  • This session is intended for district staff that would be responsible for PO Rollover process.
  • Select POROL1-1 or POROL1-2. Register for only 1 of the 2 sections.


Tues 04/21/2020

9:00 am -11:30 pm

SDCOE Learning Lab 3-4

25 seats


Tues 04/30/2020

9:00 am -11:30 pm

SDCOE Learning Lab 3-4

25 seats