Department Budget Table (DBT) Mass Update process is now available

posted Dec 22, 2020, 5:24 PM by Sally Morton
We are excited to announce the new Department Budget Table (DBT) Mass Update process is now available. This new process provides the ability to update a large volume of existing DBT entries at one time. The process does not include the ability to create new DBTs.

The DBT Mass Update process responsibilities will be shared. Districts will prepare a spreadsheet with the DBT mass update information and request an upload into PeopleSoft by attaching a completed spreadsheet to a Service Portal Ticket. SDCOE PeopleSoft Support will upload the completed spreadsheets into PeopleSoft and inform districts when the uploads are complete.

Other important information to know about the new DBT Mass Update process;
  • SDCOE PeopleSoft Support will upload requests submitted by the districts each month in the order they are received.
  • Updates will not be uploaded into PeopleSoft from the first day of Payroll Pre Calc through the end of the Payroll Distribution process.
  • Spreadsheets with future effective dates will not be uploaded to PeopleSoft until the effective date is equal to the current date.
Please submit a Service Portal Ticket to request further assistance with this new process. Instructions can be emailed upon request.