Delegate Authority "Authorize Users" link added to PeopleSoft ESS

posted Aug 15, 2016, 11:02 AM by Peyri Herrera
For SDCOE only


In PeopleSoft Travel & Expenses, a delegate is an employee with the authority to create travel authorizations (TAs) or expense reports for others. For example, Ralph Malph enters TAs and expense reports for four others: Richie Cunningham, Potsie Weber, Arthur Fonzarelli, and Chachi Arcola. Ralph is the delegate for these four people. When Ralph logs in as himself, he has the ability to find the others and enter TAs and expense reports on their behalf.

Effective August 12, 2016, the Authorize Users link is available for use in PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service in the Travel and Expenses pagelet. You can use this link to authorize another employee as your delegate for travel. Previously you could only assign delegate authority by logging into PeopleSoft Finance. In the example given above, Richie, Potsie, Arthur, and Chachi would each need to click the Authorize Users link to add Ralph as his delegate.

Authorize Users

For more information on assigning delegate authority, please refer to p.19 of TE1 Travel and Expenses for SDCOE Guide v1.3.pdf.