Delayed Net Pay (DNP) Queries and Reminders

posted Jun 23, 2021, 7:55 AM by Barbara Thiss
Two new Delayed Net Pay (DNP) queries have been created specific to 10/12 and 11/12 pay.

New DNP query for 10/12 Pay: M_PY_DNP_BAL_DISTRICT_DNP16
  • This query returns the deduction balance(s) for the DNP16 Deduction Code for the School Year (September through August)
  • Please enter School Year when prompted.
New DNP query for 11/12 Pay: M_PY_DNP_BAL_DISTRICT_DNP83
  • This query returns the deduction balance for the DNP83 Deduction Code for the Fiscal Year (July through June)
  • Please enter the Fiscal Year when prompted.
Original Queries M_PY_DNP_BALANCE_DISTRICT and M_PY_DNP_BALANCE have been retired and are no longer available, so if you have added it to your favorites, please remove it.

Delayed Net Pay is a separate payroll payment for employees and as such, no deductions (RCF or otherwise) should be applied to it.
Please make sure that data is not entered or updated on DNP paysheets. This will ensure a proper release and accuracy of the Delayed Net Pay. DNP paysheets are designated as follows:

DNP on Paysheet

If you have any questions, please contact PeopleSoft Support by submitting a Service Portal Ticket.