Delayed Net Pay (DNP) is a separate payment

posted Jul 11, 2018, 4:58 PM by Peyri Herrera
DNP (Delayed Net Pay) is a separate direct deposit payroll payment to employees. The DNP Paysheets are visually available. Please make sure that data is not entered or updated on the DNP Paysheets. This will ensure a proper release and the accuracy of the DNP.

Please note, DNP will not release if the employee is terminated, or if the SDCOE Job Data is not marked blank for both July and August.

In order to release these funds to terminated employees, the funds need to be manually entered on the one-time deduction override by following the directions below:
  • Create a paysheet and click OK to Pay. Make sure the begin and end dates match the Job dates. 
  • Add a one-time deduction adjustment to Plan Type 00 (General Deduction) with Deduction Code DNP16 with a one-time code of “Refund.” Enter the amount as a positive amount. 
  • The DNP balances can be found using the M_PY_DNP_BALANCE_DISTRICT query. Audit the balance against any Balance Adjustments that may have been made. 
  • Please ensure that the Benefit Deduction Taken and General Deductions Taken are both set to “NONE” for this one-time deduction adjustment for terminated employees. 
The district may elect to disburse the entire balance at once or do two disbursements (over two months).