Deduction rates for Hyatt Legal Plans through the FBC are now managed at the organizational level

posted Dec 1, 2017, 4:15 PM by Barbara Thiss

Organizations offering the Hyatt Legal plan through FBC can now manage those rates directly. New rate tables for this plan have been configured specifically for your organization. Some organizations may have more than one rate table to account for different deduction frequencies (10thly, 11thly or monthly).
  • The navigation for the rate tables is Set Up HCM > Product Related > Base Benefits > Rates and Rules > Benefit Rates. 
  • The Rate Table ID for these rate tables have the following naming convention: 
    • The first two characters being district number or last two characters for three-digit districts 
    • The second two being “LG” (an abbreviation for Legal) 
    • The last two being the deduction frequency (10 for 10thy, 11 for 11thly and 12 for 12thly/monthly) 
  • The effective date is set to the deduction date 
With rates for some organizations taking effect as early as the December payroll, it is recommended that you review the rates and effective dates before the first payroll calculation.

If you have any questions, please put in a Heat Ticket.