DBT Rollover FAQs (2017 to 2018)

posted May 5, 2017, 9:27 AM by Peyri Herrera
Do you have questions about the DBT Rollover? Please check our newest FAQ document first: DBT Rollover FAQs (2017 to 2018) v1.0.pdf (3 pp.). It contains 16 questions and answers from the DBT Rollover Webinar on May 2, 2017.

Examples of questions:
  • Q1. How long after the form is submitted will the DBT roll?
    A: From Payroll Audit: Payroll Audit will roll as soon as they receive the form (as long as Payroll or other events are not occurring). Target date is after the June off-cycle. Payroll Audit will send out a notice.

  • Q6. Only the most recent chart string/combo code on each DBT will roll? Is this in addition to every sequence 1 chart string?
    A: Nothing from any of the prior rows will roll. What is on the most recent row of the current DBT is what will roll.

  • Q8. What would the process be to audit the rollover results? Do you have a list of queries?
    A. The query M_KK_POSIT_COMBO_ACCTS_LIST is a good one to use to audit. It gives all positions and combo codes attached. You can filter by year (2018, for example).

  • Q13. Does entering 2018 DBT after the rollover have an impact/effect on the 2017/18 budget that is being created now?
    A. As long as those combo codes enter in HCM, you can enter them on any DBT. Just be aware of the effective dates that you're using.

  • Q15. Does Finance need to be rolled over before rolling DBT?
    A. No. There is nothing that rolls in Finance like the old DDACCT and CHACCT rollover that used to take place. If you want a ChartString to be valid in Finance in 2018, then it needs to be budgeted with at least a zero dollar budget.