Corrections and enhancements made to State Controller’s Office (SCO) Report in PeopleSoft

posted May 29, 2019, 3:18 PM by Barbara Thiss
We have made corrections and enhancements to the Government Compensation in California/State Controller’s Office (SCO) Report located at Main Menu > SDCOE Custom > SCO. Changes include:
  • Addressed earnings being reported multiple times
  • Included new earnings codes
  • Addressed issues with overtime and certain benefits being reported
  • This is being provided as a tool to assist districts with completing this report. Districts must evaluate the data carefully, and manipulate it if necessary, before including it in the report template.
  • Any earnings code that is incorporated into a multiple component of pay (MCOP), such as a bilingual stipend (BIL), is categorized as a Regular earning.
  • It is critical that you review and follow the guidelines from the State Controller’s Office for completion of the report. Guides and reporting instructions for completing the annual report can be found on the SCO website at
Notes regarding Multiple Positions: If employees are in multiple positions, the report will list all positions that have had earnings for the calendar year selected. It will include earnings for each position listed. The districts must evaluate the data, and report the total earnings for all positions on the Primary Position only. This will require adding up all the earnings onto the Primary Position, leaving the earnings for the other positions at zero. There should be only one position reported that has the employee’s total earnings.

Please also note that Employer Contribution to Employees’ Share of Pension (Column S in the report), Defined Benefit Plan (Column T), Deferred Compensation/Defined Contribution Plan (Column U) and Health/Dental/Vision (Column V) will be repeated for each position included in the report. These also must only be reported on the Primary Position. Unlike earnings, these do not have to be added together; rather, the districts must include a zero (0) on each secondary position for these four columns. Here is a link to description of the items included on the SCO report.

Example: John Smith has two employee records: (1) Classified Substitute and (2) Instructional Aide. There will be two rows for John on the SCO report. His Defined Benefit Contribution displays $685 on both lines (duplicated). His Health/Dental/Vision displays $3400 on both lines (duplicated). In this example, the district needs to determine which is the primary position and report only one set of totals (not both).

SCO results part 1

SCO results part 2

The instructions provided by the SCO will have further details on reporting requirements.