Correcting a Combination Code or Override Rate for paid time

posted Jul 8, 2015, 8:27 AM by
When correcting a Combination Code or Override Rate to paid time, for example time showing a Distributed or Taken by Payroll status, ensure that the new values are present within the Payable Time screen. If data is missing then it means the modified combo code or rate data will not be paid. No data present after submitting, approving and allowing the Time Administration process to run means that only an offsetting entry was created, resulting in the previous values being deducted only. If this occurs please create a HEAT ticket or contact the CRC at 800-289-1500 so we can manually “pull in” the missing data until a permanent fix is found. This only impacts combo codes and override rates that are changed after time has been paid. To avoid this please validate that data submitted is indeed correct and modify any incorrect data prior to payroll calculating when possible.

When only an offset is created this is what payable time will look like:

Here is the logic behind the scenes. Notice paid time is credited back against the original values as an offset, but not added under the new combo code or rate to be paid.

The Payable Time screen after changing a combo code or override rate should reflect the updated data as Estimated, as shown below:

Logic behind the scenes when working as expected (shows originals, offsets and new values):