Combo Code creation for Offline Districts restored on 02/07/19

posted Feb 7, 2019, 12:16 PM by Peyri Herrera
For HCM-only districts

Yesterday we determined that two of the processes involved in the creation of Combo Codes were not running to success for HCM-only districts (“Offlines”). The off-line process, M_COMBO_LOAD, was impacted by one of the processes for on-line districts that had been not running to success. Once this was resolved, M_COMBO_LOAD began running successfully. The second process, EOPOFFLN, had not been running since February 2, 2019. Once this was restarted, combo codes waiting in the queue were created.

Three districts (Grossmont, MiraCosta and South Bay) were waiting on combo codes. Those should now be in HCM since the jobs ran last night. If you had loaded more than one file on the ftp over the last two days, you may need to reload all but the last file. Multiple files on the server “step on each other,” meaning that the latter files overwrite the earlier ones. Given the dates we can see in the files in the ftp folder, this may not be an issue. Offline districts with recent files are listed below:
  • Grossmont’s file is dated 02/06/19 
  • MiraCosta’s file is dated 02/06/19 
  • South Bay’s file is dated 02/06/19 
  • Sweetwater’s file is dated 02/06/19 
  • Cajon Valley’s file is dated 02/05/19 
  • Chula Vista’s file is dated 01/18/19 
At this point, all combo codes that have been set up by districts should be present in HCM and ready for use. With the EOPOFFLN jobs running last night and with the 6:30 am BUD003 running to success this morning, everything should be loaded.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and have set up procedures to safeguard against these processes running to “No Success” without notification.