Clearing Payroll Suspense

posted Jan 9, 2017, 3:16 PM by Barbara Thiss
Payroll entries can go to Suspense if the Combo Code is not set up on the DBT or if the chartstring is not valid in PS Finance. This navigation shows the entries that were sent to suspense and how to correct them.

Navigation: General Ledger>Journals>Suspense Correction> Correct Suspense Entries

1. Enter Business Unit and click Search. This will give you a list of Payroll suspense items.

2. Click on one of the entries to view it.

3. Review entries
  • Chartstrings accurate and complete? 
  • Errors? Click on link. 
4. Correct entries. If you need to see original entry, click Go to Jrnl Entry [Suspense]. Usually this journal has thousands of payroll entries and can be hard to find issue.
  •  Errors 
    • Combo Edit Error – review Combination Rules.
      • If it is listed in Combination Rules, Combination may have been added after Payroll ran.
      • Contact Financial Accounting to add it to the Combination Rules. 
  • Wrong Chartfield value 
    • Click on the Change Chartfield values link and make changes. 
    • This is where you would make changes or if no changes just click OK.  

5. After corrections, click Save and you now have an option to Go to Jrnl Entry [Correction]

6. Click the hyperlink Go to Jrnl Entry [Correction] and the GL Journal with correcting entries opens with the original journal entry date. There are 2 options for this journal.
  • If this is in current period, continue processing the journal entry. Edit, Submit, Approve, Post journal and the suspense entry should now be fixed. 
  • If this is from a prior period, Copy this journal and put in a current date. Edit, Submit, Approve, Post journal and the suspense entry should now be fixed. Delete the journal with prior period date. 
7. This should be checked each month after payroll runs.