Classified hourly employees working more than 20 hours per week – PERS

posted Nov 17, 2015, 4:19 PM by Peyri Herrera
From SDCOE Retirement: Part-time classified hourly employees scheduled to work greater than or equal to 20 hours for 1 year or more, on a permanent basis, qualify for CalPERS membership. In PeopleSoft HCM, there are two additional fields to complete in Job Data on the SDCOE Job Data tab. This is similar to the “20+ Hrs” field on EMPOS in the Legacy Payroll system. Note that the only way the Retirement Reporting Unit can code these employees as CalPERS members is for school districts to notify them by completing the AESD form.

On the Job Data screen, click the SDCOE Job Data tab. In the Retirement area, click the Greater than 20 Hours Sched? checkbox and enter the effective date of the change (when the employee started working 20 or more hours).
SDCOE Job Data tab

NOTE: If this a change on an existing employee’s data, you will need to add a new row first (from the Work Location tab) and select the Action of “Position Change” because the hours are increasing. If you are entering the data for the first time and already know the employee is 20+ hours then you would not need to add a row.

Then complete the AESD form: CalPERS AESD-2 Member Action Request for "0269 San Diego County Schools" 10/2014 (PDF). Submit the AESD form with the effective date to the Retirement Reporting Unit. Retirement adjustments may need to be done.