Clarification of “Personalize” link in PeopleSoft Finance

posted May 8, 2018, 12:54 PM by Peyri Herrera
The CRC has supported several Finance users with “personalizing” grids. The purpose of this message is to provide clarification about the Personalize link.

Some grids (columns) have a Personalize link.

Example: Requisition > Mass Change link.
These are the ones you can customize. You can click Personalize and change the field order, hide fields, put all fields on one tab, and change sort.
For directions on how to use the Personalize link, please refer to Introduction to PeopleSoft Guide v3.0 (pp.32-33).

Personalize link

Some grids (columns) do not have a Personalize link.

Example: Budget Details
You cannot customize these. 
If the fields changed order on May 7, the project team will put them in the desired order (Fund, Resource, Goal, etc.) on May 20, 2018.

No Personalize link

Some areas are not “grids” and therefore have no Personalize link.

Example: Budgets Overview > ChartField Criteria
You cannot change the field order.
The fields are displayed vertically and are out of order. This will not be changed.

Not a grid


  • When personalizing, use the left side to change the column order and hide fields/tabs. Use the right side to change the sort order. 
  • Remember to click OK, not Cancel, when done with updating your personalizations. 
  • Your Finance personalizations might go away again on May 20 with the Project Costing implementation. We had sent a message about this yesterday in the 7:00 am announcement but want to continue to remind you.