Checklist: Hiring a Legacy employee not converted to PeopleSoft to process payline adjustments

posted May 23, 2017, 5:03 PM by Peyri Herrera

The CRC has published a new one-page checklist that lists what you need to do to process a retroactive payline adjustment (i.e. retirement adjustment, benefit adjustment, or pay adjustment) for employees with no job history in PeopleSoft: Checklist - Hiring a Legacy Employee Not Converted to PeopleSoft to Process Payline Adjustments v1.0.pdf

Before processing a payline adjustment for an employee who was terminated in Legacy and therefore was never converted into PeopleSoft, you will first need to hire the employee into PeopleSoft. Since the employee does not exist in PeopleSoft you will need to add the Position, Personal Information, and hire and terminate the employee in Job Data. The effective dates must encompass the period of time that you will be issuing a retro for. After this is done, your Payroll Department can issue the retro. IMPORTANT: You will not need to enter Absence Management, Time Reporter Data, Work Schedule, Benefits, Payroll Deductions, or DBT.

Please use the checklist to make sure you enter all the necessary information to process a retro for this type of employee.