Checking Process Monitor messages when process does not run to Success

posted Jun 6, 2019, 7:37 AM by Barbara Thiss
When you have a process that does not run to Success, you should check the Process Monitor messages to see if it just may need to be Restarted. Processes that have not run to Success may prevent other processes from running to Success.
  • Go to Process Monitor page. Navigation: PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Process Monitor
  • Find the process that did not run to Success
  • Click on the Details link.
           Process Monitor screenshot
  • Click on View Log/Trace
           Process Details screenshot
  • Click on the stdout file in the File List
           View Log/Trace screenshot
  • A new tab opens so you can check the message. In this case “All Processing Suspended”. Instructions are to “Restart”. It lists the Operator ID (OPRID) and the Process Instance (PI)
           Message details
  • Go back to previous tab. Click Return to get to the Process Details page. Click Restart Request. Click OK.
           PRocess Details screen with Restart Request highlighted

If the process is still not running to Success, contact the Customer Service Center (CRC) by submitting a Service Portal ticket at or calling 1-800-289-1500.